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Investment and Consulting
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Quadransa purpose is investing in the pre-seed period of start-ups and influence strategically and through active management, in defined sustainable and developing sectors

Quadransa seeks attractive business ideas and businesses as early as possible in the development process and enters the ownership side.

We offer consulting with the expertise to increase the success in:

  • Daily operating functions
  • Capital
  • Strategy / Budget
  • Control roles
  • Contribution models
  • “Exit” options


Attractive investment portfolio based on a long-term perspective and optimized sensible dividend policy.

Investments in forward-looking sectors with a high degree of sustainability and of significant innovative value.

Pre-seed funding in the following sectors:

Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions

  • New and sustainable Energy

  • Water and disinfections 

  • Minerals and sustainable mining

  • Digital infrastructure and AI

  • Disruptive distribution

Sustainable Health Solutions

  • Botanic Medical

  • Medical Technology and IoMT

  • Metabolism and nutrition

  • Disruptive Agriculture and food production

Investments in defined sustainable and developing sectors